Why work with ImproveMatic

We are a firm believer in growth never comes from the comfort zone and that teamwork makes the dream work.

With extensive expertise and experience, we provide holistic and risk-based solutions to meet both operational and strategic challenges. We are driven by the desire to add value and make a meaningful impact on our clients’ businesses.

What we bring to your business:


  • Quality By Simplicity
    Our approach is simple yet powerful: we utilize the power of simplicity to enhance your compliance and improve your quality and efficiency.
  • A holistic approach
    Leads to comprehensive solutions, reducing the risk of missed considerations and ensuring project success
  • Proactive Risk management
    Proactive risk management minimizes potential disruptions and maintains project stability.
  • Extensive and solid experience
    Confidence in delivering effective solutions and achieving goals.
  • Excellent change & stakeholder Management
    Ensures smooth implementation and stakeholder buy-in.
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing prioritization
    Supports responsive and effective problem-solving, even with shifting priorities.
  • Our fun and informal approach
    Promotes a positive and collaborative work environment, leading to better outcomes.

Work directly with qualified consultants

Naram El-Shamary

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Christina Wulff

Co-founder & Partner

Bjørn Sangill

Principal Consultant